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The IT Crowd post

For all of you who don’t know what The IT Crowd is, it is the best geek / nerd show ever. This post is trying to help you to understand its brilliance. The channel4 show is in its fourth season and just doesn’t get enough praise. It is the story of the two geeks Roy and Moss who together are the IT Department of Reynholm Industries. They are joined by Jen who basically has no clue what she is doing in that department. Enough talk, let me get you a tasting:

YouTube Preview Image

The clip is a preview for the latest aired episode but of course being in its fourth season the show had other brilliant moments:

YouTube Preview Image

All the stuff on the walls is fan chosen. So it basically features every damn nerdy thing out there. To see yourself, here is a 360° pan- and zoomable panorama of the set: 360° panorama of the IT Crowd set

There is even a flashgame that lets you join the crew and help them fight spam and other IT Department related stuff. The show itself is so good I watched every episode like three times minimum and because my english isn’t enough to express my feelings for the show I’ll let a guy from the amazon reviews do it for me:

I was shocked and bewildered at how ridiculously funny and entertaining The IT Crowd is! I have not laughed this hard in years! I would love to find new ways to communicate just how much this show rocks, and I would love to emphasize to everyone just how much you NEED to check this show out!

Now, every post about a TV show needs a favorite moment. This is easy for me because it is no contest. The best single sketch in the IT Crowd world is this one:

YouTube Preview Image

You also should never type google into Google! You know why?

YouTube Preview Image

Now, if you are ready to watch it you can get all seasons here:

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